The unsatisfactory Ending of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

One of my favourite TV series on Netflix’s streaming service is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Unfortunately the series got cancelled after four season despite good ratings. Apparently more seasons of existing TV series don’t attract new customers and Netflix once again cancelled a successful program in favour of producing novel content.

Today I finally got around to watch the last two episodes. Everything was building up to a satisfying conclusion until the final minutes:

  • The carefully set up plot devices for a less bleak ending (and possible continuation of the series) simply get discarded.
  • Sabrina’s adventures come to an abrupt end.
  • An epilogue scene follows that features some very questionable messaging concerning a sensitive topic.

I can only guess that somebody decided in the last minute that the series required a very definitive conclusion.

For me personally the clearly retrofitted ending left a sour taste and severely spoiled all the good entertainment that came before. In particular because it ruins the arc of Sabrina’s emancipation. Very unsatisfying …

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Vader’s tenth Birthday

Earlier this month we celebrated Vader’s tenth Birthday. It feels like it was only a year ago that we brought an adorable little puppy home and now he is an middle-aged gentleman.

Other than his arthritis Vader is fortunately in good health. But with medication, massages and hydrotherapy we keep this arthritis in check as well.

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Game of the Month: God of War

The original God of Wars video games never appealed to me because they seemed to be somewhat over the top. So when another game in the series was released for PlayStation 4 I was hesitant to try it even though it received a lot of good reviews. But my friend Yash forced my hands 😉 when he gave me the game as a present for my birthday a few month ago.

God of War is a third person hack and slash adventure. It tells the story of Kratos, now living in ancient Norway, and his son Atreus. After the death of Katros’s second wife, Atreus’s mother, the two of them embark on a journey to fulfil her last wish: scattering her ashes from the highest peak in all the nine realms. During their perilous journey they find Midgard, the realm of mortals, in turmoil. They have to fight hordes of undead, monsters and a mysterious stranger who is trying to kill Kratos.

The main strength of God of War is its story telling which transform it into an interactive movie. An interesting plot, well written and superbly voiced dialogs all set in a beautiful landscape create a very immersive experience. That the game completely avoids any form of loading screens while the player traverses the world is the icing on the cake. The core game mechanics of exploring, combat, looting, puzzle solving and levelling are well implemented and complete this excellent fantasy game.

I was gripped by God of War from the beginning. The atmosphere and the interactions between Kratos and Atreus immediately got me invested in the story. I also enjoyed the game play because the hack and slash combat system mostly avoided the hectic button mashing that is required for a lot of games in this genre. You could instead observe the attacks of your opponents, learn how to counter them and use a large arsenal of moves and Atreus’s special attacks to prevail. The one exception was the final boss fight which threw all of this out of the window and was in my opinion outright unfair. But that is only a small downside to an overall brilliant game.

As much as I enjoy (some) life service games like Warframe I wish more game studios would produce and publish interactive stories like this one.

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