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(Not) downloading Solaris 10

The most advanced operating system ever built is according to Sun Microsystems Solaris 10. Last Sunday I decided to try out the latest update release Solaris 10 6/06 on my ULTRA60. Because I have frequently problems with NFS and NIS … Continue reading

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My little Bugathon

Elad Efrat, one of the most active NetBSD developers in the last few month, recently organized NetBSD’s first Bugathon. It was a successful effort involving NetBSD users and developers to reduce the number of open bugs report against the NetBSD … Continue reading

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Running a server at home

I keep a server running at home 24/7 for ten years now. It started with a small 486 CPU based PC running NetBSD 1.1. Back then no ISP rented out servers and hosting your own machine in an ISP’s data … Continue reading

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