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Vader’s eight Birthday

Earlier this month our beloved Cocker Spaniel Vader celebrated his eighth birthday. He got two lamb ribs as an extra treat in the morning, a nice walk along the Great Ouse in Ely, dog biscuits at Peacocks and a generous sample of dog treats at Scampers. Not a bad day overall! 🙂

Unfortunately Vader developed some health problems during the past year. They were caused by arthritis that he has developed as a consequence of his joint problems and the required surgical procedures to fix those. But with the right meds, dog massages every four weeks and hydrotherapy to boost his fitness we fortunately managed to restore Vader’s quality of life.

Vader in the Odenwald

Silke and I are currently visiting friends in Germany. Yesterday our friends took us to the Felsenmeer in the Odenwald for a nice walk. We picked a tour of 9.5 kilometres which didn’t sound like that much. But Silke and I are Fenlanders and not used to mountainous terrain at all. In the end it took us four hours (including breaks) to complete the walk and we were quite exhausted at the end.

The really positive surprise was how well our dog Vader coped with this long walk, his first long tour after the surgery last year. He ran around the whole time, went up twice as many slopes as the rest of us and even bounced over the boulders when Silke went for a short climb.


Vader’s surgery and the recovery period afterwards were hard on all of us. But it was well worth it. Our little dog is fit as a fiddle, maybe better than he has been ever before. 😊