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Journaling at last

A wish came true: NetBSD finally has a journaling file system. Simon Burge added support for WAPBL, Write Ahead Physical Block Logging file system journaling, to NetBSD-current’s main branch today. The main purpose of a journaling file system is to … Continue reading

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Movie of the Week: The Dark Knight

A lot has been said about the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Especially Heath Ledger‘s performance as the Joker has been praised a lot. I became sceptical about the film because of all the hype. This evening Silke and … Continue reading

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DNS cache poisoning vs. NAT

The latest DNS security issue (please read Hubert’s Blog entry) proves again that NAT is a bad idea. If you run a DNS server behind a NAT (which you really shouldn’t) you can pick one of two evils: You use … Continue reading

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