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A real Cambridge Cocker

Our Cocker Spaniel puppy Vader has grown so much since we got him almost three month ago. He is now taller than even fully grown Cocker Spaniel bitches. We also managed to house train him in record time. And mostly … Continue reading

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Game of the Month: BioShock 2

At first glance BioShock 2 is just another first person shooter game. The player’s mission is to guide the main character through the remains of the underwater city Rapture, fight mutated humans and security robots and free the main character’s … Continue reading

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Movie of the Week: Iron Man 2

Silke and I really enjoyed the first Iron Man movie. It is also one of our favourite Blu-ray Discs not only for its entertainment value but also because of the superb image quality. Unsurprisingly we were both looking forward to … Continue reading

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