The Cute side of the Force

Silke and I wanted to have a dog for a long time. But in the past we never felt that we could offer a dog a good home. Things have however changed in the meantime. Silke is currently not working and we live in our own house with a decently sized garden. After some consideration we decided to get a Cocker Spaniel. They are friendly and beautiful dogs of a manageable size. Silke found a breeder not too far away online and we set off last Sunday to look at her Cocker Spaniel puppies.

When we finally arrived at the breeder’s home (the flooded A1101 forced us to take a detour) Silke selected a timid black dog from a pack of lively little dogs. He was a bit frightened at first but relaxed after a few minutes of stroking. As he was a delightful puppy we decided to take him home with us. We named him Vader because he is black and we are geeks. 🙂

And the Cute side of the Force is definitely strong with this one.

His favourite place is the bed that we got for him.

He spends a lot of time in there mostly to take one of his naps. When he is awake he really loves to play in the garden:

Vader likes to sniff everywhere, to chew on everything and to dig up all the unpleasant things that the cats from the neighbourhood buried in our garden. And with a bit of bribery (dog treats for puppies) we are even making progress in house-training him.

Although Silke and I get less sleep (but more fresh air) than we would like we are very happy with our little dog. Vader is a real enrichment of our lives.

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