Brandon Country Park

Yesterday Silke and I took Maverick to the Brand Country Park for the first time. We were hoping that he would enjoy a walk there.

After over two hours of us walking and Maverick running we were exhausted and he was not. 😆

Overall Silke and I consider this experiment a success. 🙂

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Top Dog: Maverick

When Silke and I lost Vader three month ago it left a big hole in our lives. We knew that we wanted to have another dog eventually but weren’t sure how long it will take until we would be ready for that.

Inspired by my friends Jeremy and John who both have adopted adult dogs Silke and I decided that we would try to find a rescue dog this time. Looking for a way to do that Silke discovered the amazing charity Spaniel Aid. They are a group of Cocker and Springer Spaniel owners who are trying to help these wonderful dogs to find new homes.

One day while browsing Spaniel Aid’s website I found a five year old Cocker Spaniel looking for a new home. As I immediately liked him based on his story and pictures I sent the link to Silke. She had also read his story and felt the same way and submitted an adoption application a few days later. After a lengthy process (good thorough job by Spaniel Aid!) we could finally pick up from his foster parents.

So please meet Maverick:

MaverickHe moved in four weeks ago and all three of us are very happy. Here is a small clip from one of our first walks.

As you can see Maverick is a really excited dog who likes to run around a lot. 😀

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One with the Force

Today is a very sad day for Silke and me because we had to say goodbye to our beloved Cocker Spaniel Vader.

Vader was unfortunately in bad health for over a year. He got diagnosed with cancer last April. But after a successful treatment of the tumour he outlived the doctor’s estimates by several month. A few weeks ago we learned that the cancer had started to spread and further treatment was not possible.

Over the last two weeks Vader’s arthritis flared up. The last two days he was even struggling to walk. When Silke and I found him in a lot of pain this night we knew it was time to let go of him. 😥

Here is the last photo of Vader that Silke took yesterday.

Silke and I miss him terribly. But we try to remember the wonderful time that we had with our amazing dog.

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