An “early” walk in the Milton Country Park

With temperatures predicted to reach heights of 30 °C today Silke and I decided to walk our dog Vader early, or at least as early as we can manage on a Sunday. 🙂

We drove to the Milton Country Park where lots of trees provide shade and fuzzy swimmers like Vader have easy access to the lakes. To Vader’s delight Grounds Cafe‘s stand was open and selling doggy ice cream.
Doggy Ice Cream

As you can see in the video above he really likes his ice cream. 😀

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Vader’s twelfth Birthday

Another year has passed and we celebrated another birthday of our beloved dog Vader. Over the past year he has slowed down a lot, in particular after he had to be neutered for medical reasons. But overall he is still enjoying life especially when he gets an unexpected treat for his birthday.

Another one of Vader’s favourites are his sessions at Wren Canine Hydrotherapy. He enjoys the gentle exercise while swimming in the pool. But the ultimate treat is the time in the dog spa afterwards, particularly in Winter when it is cold and wet outside.

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The unsatisfactory Ending of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

One of my favourite TV series on Netflix’s streaming service is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Unfortunately the series got cancelled after four season despite good ratings. Apparently more seasons of existing TV series don’t attract new customers and Netflix once again cancelled a successful program in favour of producing novel content.

Today I finally got around to watch the last two episodes. Everything was building up to a satisfying conclusion until the final minutes:

  • The carefully set up plot devices for a less bleak ending (and possible continuation of the series) simply get discarded.
  • Sabrina’s adventures come to an abrupt end.
  • An epilogue scene follows that features some very questionable messaging concerning a sensitive topic.

I can only guess that somebody decided in the last minute that the series required a very definitive conclusion.

For me personally the clearly retrofitted ending left a sour taste and severely spoiled all the good entertainment that came before. In particular because it ruins the arc of Sabrina’s emancipation. Very unsatisfying …

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