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Good and bad Restaurants

Tales of French Chocolate and Scottish Hills

On our last morning in Edinburgh we decided to skip the breakfast in the Hotel and instead go to a cafe. My wife suggested to visit the Plaisir du Chocolat, a french style tearoom near Canongate. Because I’m a huge fan of chocolate it wasn’t very difficult for her to persuade me.

And it was indeed all about chocolate. Besides offering a large variety of (mostly) chocolate cakes they had a dozen different kinds of hot chocolates on their menu. They differed in the kind of cocoa beans and (often alcoholic) extra ingredients. Being a bit cautious I went for a Chocolate chaud a plain hot chocolate which tasted exquisite nevertheless. Refreshed and in good mood we started out to Holyrood park.

Both having a cold we only wanted to have a look-around. But the landscape up there in the hills is so beautiful.

Landscape in the Hills

And in the end we climbed up much higher than we initially wanted.

Up On The Hills

We didn’t make it to the top of Arthur’s Seat unfortunately. But we are determined to come back one day and try again when we are both fit.

(Not) Exploring Edinburgh on a single day

My wife and I had a lot of plans for our first visit in Edinburgh. We wanted to visit the castle, walk down the Royal Mile, climb on Arthur’s Seat and do many more things. But there is an old saying that no battle plans survive first contact with the enemy.

The enemy in this case was a nasty cold that I had been fighting with for two weeks already. Besides a blocked nose I developed a cough during the weekend. Flying in that condition yesterday made things worse and I had a(nother) rough night. In the morning I still felt tired and exhausted after almost ten hours of sleep.

We therefore had to take things slowly and only walked from our Hotel to The Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse

When we were back in the Hotel I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep almost immediately. After one and a half hour of extra sleep I felt somewhat better and we went on another excursion in the late afternoon.

We walked all the way down to New Town and strolled along George Street and enjoyed the lovely weather. Just when we considered having dinner we found a great restaurant, The Sizzling Scot. Good and friendly service, a nice venison burger and one of the best steaks my wife ever had (her own words) made it a very worthwile visit. Stuffed and happy we went back to the hotel and decided to put off further sightseeing for today.

You can’t improve on Perfection

Yesterday my wife and I visited one of our favourite pubs, The Bridge in Waterbeach. I was looking forward to have my favourite dish on their menu: the Aberdeen Angus Burger with Stilton and mushroom topping. Besides tasting great this burger doesn’t leave you hungry.

When we arrived in the pub we discovered that the menu had changed … which is always a bad sign. I studied it anxiously and found my worst fears confirmed: the burger was no longer on the menu.

I told myself not to panic and searched the menu for a replacement. I found the Rumpsteak Burger and ordered it with the Brie and mushroom topping. I tried to keep the hope alive that the new burger might be as good as the old one.

Unfortunately it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad burger. But there was no way it could compete with the Aberdeen Angus Burger. The meat wasn’t as delicious, the Brie cheese was too greasy and the bun tasted a bit wishy-washy. In the end I left the pub somewhat disappointed.

I really hate it when that happens. I find something I like and they improve it or stop making it for no good reason. 🙁