(Not) Exploring Edinburgh on a single day

My wife and I had a lot of plans for our first visit in Edinburgh. We wanted to visit the castle, walk down the Royal Mile, climb on Arthur’s Seat and do many more things. But there is an old saying that no battle plans survive first contact with the enemy.

The enemy in this case was a nasty cold that I had been fighting with for two weeks already. Besides a blocked nose I developed a cough during the weekend. Flying in that condition yesterday made things worse and I had a(nother) rough night. In the morning I still felt tired and exhausted after almost ten hours of sleep.

We therefore had to take things slowly and only walked from our Hotel to The Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse

When we were back in the Hotel I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep almost immediately. After one and a half hour of extra sleep I felt somewhat better and we went on another excursion in the late afternoon.

We walked all the way down to New Town and strolled along George Street and enjoyed the lovely weather. Just when we considered having dinner we found a great restaurant, The Sizzling Scot. Good and friendly service, a nice venison burger and one of the best steaks my wife ever had (her own words) made it a very worthwile visit. Stuffed and happy we went back to the hotel and decided to put off further sightseeing for today.

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