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Good and bad Restaurants


During our daytrip to London Silke and I stopped for a bite to eat at Muffinski’s near Covent Garden today. The name of this cafe gives it away: they sell muffins of all kinds.

Silke und I both ordered a Toffee White-Chocolate Pecan muffin and Earl Grey tea. The tea was nice but the muffins were just fantastic. They are probably the best muffins besides Silke’s home-made ones that I have ever eaten. They had a crunchy top decorated with a pecan nut on a dollop of white chocolate and toffee. All of this crowning a fluffy and moist muffin, which tasted just delicious.

I’m quite sure that today wasn’t our last visit at Muffinski’s.

Döner Kebab

During our christmas journey Germany Silke and I visited our old home town Paderborn last Saturday. We decided to have a popular german delicacy for lunch: Döner Kebab. We were delighted that our favourite Döner Restaurant the Bodrum still existed and indulged in its cuisine.

While enjoying our Döner Kebabs we realized how much we miss proper kebabs and in case of Silke also Lahmacun. You can buy Kebabs in the UK, too. But they are too greasy, don’t taste that well and the bread is just awful. Silke and I both hope that one day somebody will realize the market opportunity (e.g. after reading this post 🙂 ) and open a Döner Kebab restaurant in Cambridge.

Best Burger in Town

A few weeks ago I was very unhappy because my favourite burger is no longer available. I’ve finally come to terms with my loss thanks to the gourmet burger kitchen.

My wife spoted their local restaurant in Cambridge when we cycled in the city centre today. After our appointment we decided to try it out. The name gives it away: they have a lot of burgers on their menu with all kinds of meats and flavours and even several vegetarian options. We both ordered a Blue Cheese burger, fries and salad. The amount of food we ended up with was impressive, one portion of fries and salad would have been enough. Our meal was really delicious and we even managed to eat most of it.

Stuffed and happy we continued shopping expedition. Despite the lovely weather we passed on ice creams because we weren’t even a little bit hungry.