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Good and bad Restaurants

Best Schnitzel this side of The Channel

Last weekend  Silke and I went on another one of our day trips to London. Our first stop was Camden Markt where we hadn’t been for over a year. We browsed through the streets, looked at the extraordinary shops and enjoyed the lively atmosphere. After a light lunch and some excellent donuts we set off.

Our next destination was the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. The museum is an impressive building from 1881. But the exhibits are even more remarkable. You can view fossils of dinosaurs and other extinct animals and even the enormous 30 metre long skeleton of a blue whale. As the museum is much too large to see everything during a single visit we will definitely have to go back there.

Our last stop was the cafe and restaurant The Wolseley where Silke and I planned to have our first Wiener Schnitzel in years. While our dinner there was a tad on the pricey side it was well worth it as the food from starters to dessert was delicious. And the Schnitzel was one of the best I ever had.

Well fed (or perhaps too well fed) and happy after a day full of discoveries we skipped a couple of tube stations before finally hopping on and then taking the train home to Cambridge.

Restaurant 22

Last Wednesday Silke and I finally got around to celebrate our anniversary (not our wedding day, the other anniversary) and Silke’s promotion. For this special occassion we picked a special place: Restaurant 22.

Restaurant 22 is a nice cosy restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere, excellent service and exquisite food. The most demanding part of dinner is to compile your own 4 to 5 course meal from the monthly menu while enjoying the amuse-bouche and the complementary bread. During the next two hours you will be served all the delicious courses one by one, with ample time to enjoy both the food and the conversation with your charming companion.

After a nice relaxing dinner you will leave Restaurant 22 well-fed and satisfied with all the delicacies you were served.

Konaki Greek Restaurant

There is a large variety of great restaurants in Cambridge which offer all kinds of excellent food. But so far Silke and I haven’t found a nice greek restaurant like the ones we knew from Germany.

After visiting the Hadrian: Empire and Conflict exhibition in London yesterday we were looking for a nice place to have dinner. Just around the corner from the British Museum we found a greek restaurant called Konaki which we hadn’t noticed before. We took a quick look at the menu and decided to give it a try.

We were lucky and got a table because the restaurant was full about half an hour later. After we tried our food we knew why. Our meals were delicious and the portions generous, just like in the greek restaurants we remembered. I suspect Konaki hasn’t seen us for the last time.