You can’t improve on Perfection

Yesterday my wife and I visited one of our favourite pubs, The Bridge in Waterbeach. I was looking forward to have my favourite dish on their menu: the Aberdeen Angus Burger with Stilton and mushroom topping. Besides tasting great this burger doesn’t leave you hungry.

When we arrived in the pub we discovered that the menu had changed … which is always a bad sign. I studied it anxiously and found my worst fears confirmed: the burger was no longer on the menu.

I told myself not to panic and searched the menu for a replacement. I found the Rumpsteak Burger and ordered it with the Brie and mushroom topping. I tried to keep the hope alive that the new burger might be as good as the old one.

Unfortunately it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad burger. But there was no way it could compete with the Aberdeen Angus Burger. The meat wasn’t as delicious, the Brie cheese was too greasy and the bun tasted a bit wishy-washy. In the end I left the pub somewhat disappointed.

I really hate it when that happens. I find something I like and they improve it or stop making it for no good reason. 🙁

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One Response to You can’t improve on Perfection

  1. iain says:

    I will never set foot in the Bridge again. Each time I’ve been there the food has been shockingly bad and the service below the standard you expect. On my last visit our table was right next to the bar in full view of the staff but still we had to wave to get their attention.

    It’s all very strange because I’ve been to several other pubs in the Chef & Brewer chain and had really good food. I wonder what it is about this particular establishment…

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