One of those weeks …

This week started really nice with a Bank Holiday on Monday. Another chance to sleep late and relax during the rest of the day. But the universe was already preparing to get back at me. 🙁

It started with a mistake on my part late in the evening. Fixing it required restoring data from the last backup of my server at home. When I was finished it was past midnight which meant that my wife and I would suffer from sleep deprivation the next morning.

And the week had more pleasant surprises in stock for me:

  1. I had to diagnose a Windows problem via phone.
  2. My wristwatch broke.
  3. My bicycle got a flat tire.

As if by a miracle I managed to survive up to the weekend. But I still have to bring my wratch to a watchmaker which is probably beyond repair anyway. And I bet that I’ll have to wait until the week after next week before the people at the cycle centre have time to service by bicycle. 🙁

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One Response to One of those weeks …

  1. Fortunately things didn’t turn out too badly. The watchmaker removed and checked the battery of my wristwatch which worked fine. When he put it back in the wristwatch came to live again. The watch apparently just needed a reset.

    I also called the bicycle centre and was able to make an appointment for Monday. It’s just a pity that my wife and I can go on a nice bicycle tour today because the weather is excellent. 🙁

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