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Vader’s sixth Birthday

Earlier this month our dog Vader celebrated his sixth birthday. Unfortunately Vader had another year with health issues. Silke and I noticed that he didn’t seem to be enjoying long walks as he used to. Frequently Vader wanted to turn around and go home earlier than usual. When he repeatedly showed signs of pain in his lower back area Silke took him to our local vet for an X-ray. The good news was that his spine was alright. But the bad news was that Vader was suffering from severe arthritis in his left hip. As his condition was getting worse Silke and I with a heavy heart decided to take Vader to a specialist clinic for a hip replacement. We had to drop him off on a Thursday and after a weekend full of worries we got our little darling back the following Monday. The surgery had gone very well but Vader was of course still sore and a bit jaded.


Fortunately Vader’s recovery went very well in the following weeks. The final assessment by the veterinary surgeon gave him a clean bill of health. He is however still on restricted exercise and only allowed walks on the lead and as a result feels rather bored.


But in a few weeks even that will be behind us and Vader can again run around like a crazy Spaniel. 🙂

Vader’s fifth Birthday

Today is Vader fifth birthday. Silke and I used that as an excuse to spoil him even more than usual. He got raw food for his breakfast, a dried Turkey neck as a chewy treat and a long walk with the two of us. It was the first time in weeks that Silke and I actually managed to walk Vader together. Various leisure activities and illnesses had gotten in the way during the previous weekends.

Vader at the age of Five

It has been a difficult year for our little dog. After multiple episodes of bad limping we took him to a veterinary orthopaedic surgeon who performed keyhole surgery on both of Vader’s elbows. As expected it took Vader weeks to fully recover from this procedure. But we are very happy to report that he is back to full health and fitness.

Vader’s fourth Birthday

Another year seems to have passed in the blink of an eye and yesterday was Vader’s fourth birthday. Silke and I spoiled our little darling with two special birthday meals and lots of cuddles. We are very happy that Vader is still fit as a fiddle and playful as a puppy.

Vader at the age of Four

We hope that the three of us will spend many more happy years together and celebrate at least another dozen of Vader’s birthdays!