Expulsion from Paradise: The Journey Home

Our last day on Tenerife began pleasantly: we enjoyed the breakfast buffet, calmly packed our belongings and checked out in time. As we had a few hours left before we had to get to the airport we drove to El Medano, a small city on the south coast. After a walk along the beach and through the city center we had lunch in a nice cafe and wrote some postcards.

We arrived at the airport in good time and returned our rental car without problems. But when we checked the departure information display we found out that our flight would be delayed for more than an hour. After an extra long waiting time we could finally board the airplane and learned that unscheduled maintenance at London Luton Airport had caused the delay.

The flight felt less pleasant than the flight to Tenerife. There were more people than on the outward journey and therefore more noise and less space. As I didn’t like the movie and finished my book after about two hours I was bored during the second half of the flight. And by the time we finally landed in London Luton Airport arround 1:00 am I was also exhausted.

The next unpleasant surprise awaited us at the car park: our car had a flat tyre. Despite our fatigue and the freezing temperatures we managed to change the tyre although neither of us had done such a thing before. We arrived in Cambridge arround 3:30am and were very happy to finally get some sleep.

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