(Not) downloading Solaris 10

The most advanced operating system ever built is according to Sun Microsystems Solaris 10. Last Sunday I decided to try out the latest update release Solaris 10 6/06 on my ULTRA60. Because I have frequently problems with NFS and NIS on my Powermac (running Mac OS X) I wanted to try out whether another operating system on the server makes a difference.

I went to Sun’s websites and followed the download links until it asked me to login using my Sun Online Account. I entered the username and password that I registered years ago (if I remember correctly for downloading Java) and selected the Solaris for SPARC DVD link. But instead of the requested download I got a form which asked me to update my personal information. That was actually a valid request because the data was out of date. I therefore updated it and submitted it. The result was something which looked like an empty web page. It took a moment to realize that it was the bottom of a mostly emtpy web page. I scrolled up and found this error message:

Fatal Error: We’re sorry, an unexpected error occurred, so your transaction cannot be completed at this time. Please help us resolve this error as soon as possible by e-mailing our support department at ( Download Center Customer Service ) the name and/or URL of the page you were on and a copy of the following error message:

And the real error message was missing. Neither entering my personal data again nor creating a new account helped. I finally followed the advise above and submit a support request. Here is the information I put it (as quoted in the reply I got from Sun):

Name: my account name
Email: my e-mail address
Feedback Type: Download
Browser: Firefox
Version (if known):
Operating System: Mac
Product Name: Solaris 10 6/06
I’m trying to download Solaris 10 6/06. After login in and clicking on the link for the SPARC DVD image I’m asked to enter my account data. If I do that and press on the “Update” button I get a page with a message about a “FATAL ERROR” on it. If I press reload I’m back to the SDLC page and after clicking on the link for the SPARC DVD image the problem repeats itself.

Note that I made the mistake to specify acurate information for the platform I was using to download Solaris. And here is the reply I got from Sun:

Dear Sun customer,

We do not currently provide software that supports the Mac environment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. For possible suggestions or workarounds, please visit the Java Forum at the following URL:


Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

name removed

Sun Customer Service Specialist

Now I know that I cannot update my Sun Online Account because Solaris is not available for my Mac. Thanks a lot, I’m glad you told me that. I guess I have to ask Apple whether I can get Mac OS X for my ULTRA60 instead. 🙂

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  1. After exchanging two further e-mails with the Sun Customer Service Specialist I am now able to download Solaris 10 6/06. It turned out that Sun’s account database only likes phone numbers entirely consisting of digits. I had entered +44 … as my phone number which resulted in the previously quoted unhelpful error message.

    Updating my account data still failed until I figured out that Sun’s system doesn’t accept Great Britian although it appears in the list of countries. Selecting United Kingdom instead works fine.

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