My little Bugathon

Elad Efrat, one of the most active NetBSD developers in the last few month, recently organized NetBSD’s first Bugathon. It was a successful effort involving NetBSD users and developers to reduce the number of open bugs report against the NetBSD operating system.

I tried to contribute myself but was fighting with adverse conditions when I finally had some time. I nevertheless managed to take a look at two bugs:

  1. PR bin/24583: /etc/security doesn’t parse /etc/exports correctly
  2. PR bin/28492: more(1) doesn’t handle NUL data blocks well

The first PR was easily solved because Jukka Salmi already supplied a fine working patch. I only applied it on two of my systems (NetBSD 3.1_RC3 and 4.0_BETA), checked my e-mail the next morning to make sure that the nightly scripts worked fine and committed it.

I’m still working on the second PR because I cannot reproduce it so far.

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