A walk in the forrest

Yesterday we set off to Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife. We had to visit the administration of the Parque Nacional del Teide to get permits for climbing to the top of the Teide. Our original plan was to visit the Teide today but the administration told us that it is full which probably meant that they had granted the maximum number of permits for that day. Fortunately we got permits for Friday instead. After having lunch we left Santa Cruz because it is not a very appealing city unless you want to go shopping.

We decided to take a detour on the way back and have a look at the primeval forest in the mountains. After driving up serpentines for an hour we reached an observation point in the forrest and parked the car. Our original plan was to walt through the forrest for an hour. But because there was no path we had enough after climbing between the trees for half an hour.

Primeval Forest on Tenerife

The view from the mountains was impressive but the hazy weather prevented us from seeing the neighbouring islands.

The Dragon Tree

After spending most of Sunday relaxing and talking a walk at the nearby coastline we went on our first excursion of Tenerife yesterday. We decided to visit Icod de los Vinos to see the famous Dragon Tree. We followed a road which took us along the south coast for a while and winded through the montains in numerous serpentines towards the north coast later. We really appreciated both the air conditioning and the power steering of our rental car during the journey. After two hours we finally arrived in Ico de los Vinos and got a first glance a the marvelous tree from the forcecourt of the church. We decided to buy tickets for the Parco del Drago and have a closer look. The park is full with beautiful plants, displays of the original inhabitans of Tenerife and little lizards. And finally we got a perfect view on the Dragon Tree:

The Dragon Tree

It’s a really impressive tree especially if you stand underneath its crown.

We took a different route for the way back: first east towards Puerto de la Cruz, then south to the east coast and finallly west along the coast back to La Caleta. Although it was the longer route it took less time because we good use a dual carriageway most of the way. When we refueld our rental car we were positively surprised about the fuel prices: 0.62€ per litre Diesel. It seems to have been an eternity ago that one could buy fuel for such a price anywhere in Europe.

Sheraton La Caleta

The hotel turned out to be marvelous. An impressive building directly at the coast with great hotel rooms like this one:

Room 151

The bathroom is very luxurious with a washbasin for each of us, a large shower cabin and a bath tub.

Bathroom of room 151

I’m going to miss that shower when we return home because it works much better than the usual electric shower in a house in England.

The hotel is definitely geek compatible. Besides providing a fine working Wireless LAN with an afforable weeky rate the room also includes a safe which is large enough for a notebook. The safe even has a power outlet on the inside which allows you to recharge your equipment while it is locked away.

After a good night rest we were looking forward to the breakfast. The hotel offers a stunning buffet: all kinds of bread, cheese, cold meat and jam, donuts, waffles, pancakes, donuts, fruits, joghurts, eggs and lots more. The only problem was to decide what to eat. But fortunately we have a week to try out everything. 🙂

Taking comfort in the Unfairness of the Universe