Pirates of Hollywood: The Curse of the Bad Sequel

Last Sunday my wife and I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End in a local cinema. And like Spider-Man 3 the movie didn’t impress me very much. A confused story, inconsistencies, superfluous subplots and missing scenes spoiled the party. And while the second part at least contained a lot of slapstick the third part was dark and depressing. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was a really good movie but its sequels fall short of it unfortunately. A friend of mine even wondered whether the scripts were written by the same people who came up with the sequels of Highlander. 🙂

At the end of the year big film-studios will probably once again complain about the box-office results and blame it on movie piracy. But it will of course not occur to them that people don’t like bad sequels or the hundredth bad copy of Finding Nemo.


I hate it when this happens: I’m tired, in bed and my body is nevertheless refusing to go to sleep. Instead my mind keeps bombarding me with thoughts and I can’t relax. After an hour I finally gave up tonight and got up before I woke up my wife.

I’m not sure what causes this sleep disorder. My best guess is that it is stress related. And of course it happens at the worst possible time. In this case at the end of a bank holiday weekend which means I’ve got to go to work tomorrow. With only a few hours of sleep it will be a great day. 🙁

Well, at least it is the perfect time to listen to Insomnia by Faithless.

Tales of French Chocolate and Scottish Hills

On our last morning in Edinburgh we decided to skip the breakfast in the Hotel and instead go to a cafe. My wife suggested to visit the Plaisir du Chocolat, a french style tearoom near Canongate. Because I’m a huge fan of chocolate it wasn’t very difficult for her to persuade me.

And it was indeed all about chocolate. Besides offering a large variety of (mostly) chocolate cakes they had a dozen different kinds of hot chocolates on their menu. They differed in the kind of cocoa beans and (often alcoholic) extra ingredients. Being a bit cautious I went for a Chocolate chaud a plain hot chocolate which tasted exquisite nevertheless. Refreshed and in good mood we started out to Holyrood park.

Both having a cold we only wanted to have a look-around. But the landscape up there in the hills is so beautiful.

Landscape in the Hills

And in the end we climbed up much higher than we initially wanted.

Up On The Hills

We didn’t make it to the top of Arthur’s Seat unfortunately. But we are determined to come back one day and try again when we are both fit.

Taking comfort in the Unfairness of the Universe