A trip to Delhi

During the past week I visited Delhi on a business trip. It was my first journey to India and only my second visit to Asia. As the schedule included even a tour of the Taj Mahal in Agra I was hoping to see a bit of the country. Unfortunately I had to give that trip a miss due to health problems. 🙁

But I was at least able to visit New Delhi in the afternoon as I felt a lot better by then. Here are a couple of photos I’ve taken of the India Gate monument:

There wasn’t enough time for me to really experience India. But I’ve nevertheless learned that it is a country with friendly people, chaotic traffic, delicious food and extreme contrasts.

Holiday in the Lake District

After living in England for more than six years Silke and I finally made it to the Lake District, one of the country’s most popular holiday destinations. We spend the first week of September in Far Sawrey near Lake Windermere. The beauty of the landscape was breath taking as you can see:

In the following week we moved on to a dairy farm near Carlisle. From there we went on several excursions of Hadrian’s Wall’s.

Our dog Vader loved these adventure walks. He was almost flying up the hills.

If only his humans wouldn’t ask him to stand still for a photograph all the time.

VMware Fusion 4.0

VMware recently released version 4.0 of VMware Fusion, their virtualisation solution for Mac OS X. I tried out the new version on my Mac Pro under Mac OS X Snow Leopard yesterday.

The update from VMware 3.1.3 to 4.0.1 worked absolutely smoothly. I didn’t even have to reboot my Mac. Both of my virtual machines booted without problems afterwards. And the really good news is that NetBSD, although still not officially supported as a guest operating system, continues to run very well under VMware Fusion. My NetBSD/i386 current machine using four virtual cores and 3GB of memory actually runs faster since the update:

VMware Time to run ./build.sh -j 8 distribution
3.1.3 42:47 minutes
4.0.1 40:30 minutes

I haven’t particularly noticed any of the new features except the single window user interface. I suppose those enhancements are more visible if you use Window extensively.

I haven’t decided yet whether VMware Fusion 4.0 was worth the money. But nothing got broken and I could now safely upgrade to Mac OS X Lion. If you think this update is too expensive you can always try out VirtualBox.

Taking comfort in the Unfairness of the Universe