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Finally Faster Internet

Two years ago I complained that British Telecom haven’t upgraded the exchange that our house is connected to for over five years. Unsurprisingly BT ¬†still haven’t upgraded the exchange during the last two years. Recently however TalkTalk¬†another major British telecommunication … Continue reading

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Upgrading the hard disk in a PS3

After our old laptop died half a year ago I had an almost new 160GB Solid-State Drive going spare. And as my PlayStation 3’s 80GB hard disk was slowly filling up and more speed can never hurt I decided to … Continue reading

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RAIDframe to the Rescue

One of the hard disks in my NetBSD server developed problems … again. This time it was one of the Western Digital VelociRaptors which I use for performance reasons. The good news is that I didn’t notice for almost two … Continue reading

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