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Flying after 8/10

This morning the news on Star 107 radio were all about the foiled terrorist attack on planes leaving the UK. In the evening all the airports are still in a state of total chaos. My wife and I are very … Continue reading

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Favourite Toy of the Week: Mac Pro

Apple finally released the Intel CPU based desktop Mac yesterday: The Mac Pro Just like I guessed back in January it took Apple a few more month to replace the old G5 based Power Mac desktops for two reasons: The … Continue reading

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NetBSD 4 branch created

Jeff Rizzo created the NetBSD 4 branch yesterday. It will result in the NetBSD 4.0 release in a few month from now. I’m personally not convinced that NetBSD-current was ready for this. There are e.g. compatibility problems between GCC 4.1.2 … Continue reading

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