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Finally Summer

Back in April when it was already warm and pleasant we were hoping for a great summer like last year. But things turned out differently. The temperature kept changing between 10 and 20 °C on an almost daily basis. And cloudy skys, monsoon rain and sunshine took turns for weeks.

But it seems that the summer has finally arrived in England after all that unsettled weather. During the past weekend we had a nice trip to London including a long walk on the south bank of the Thames, visited the botanic garden and had a great barbecue. And all that with lots of sunshine and without a single drop of rain.

Next Generation Spam

Last Wednesday I received spam over IPv6 for the first time. Somebody (or something?) tried to post a spam comment to this Blog from a computer in Japan using an IPv6 network connection to my web server.

One of the things I really liked about IPv6 so far was the total absence of spam. But thanks to Microsoft’s Windows Vista (with builtin IPv6 support) spammers are now invading this domain, too. 🙁