My Keyboard is shouting

When I came home from work on monday I couldn’t login into my computer because all the letters i typed came out in uppercase. I pressed the caps lock and all the shift keys multiple times which had no effect. I removed and reinserted the USB dongle but the problem remained. I rebooted my computer but that didn’t help either. I finally power cycled the keyboard by removing the battery which also didn’t solve the problem. I was really annoyed at this point and had to get out my old keyboard as a temporary replacement. To be sure I also tried the broken keyboard on our laptop where I got exactly the same problem.

Silke and I tried to disassemble my keyboard, a Logitech diNovo Mac Edition Keyboard, but failed to open the case. Silke managed to remove the key caps of both shift keys but we couldn’t spot any defects. We finally had to give up and declare the keyboard a loss. This is quite disappointing considering that I bought that keyboard less than two years ago.

As Logitech are not selling any Mac keyboards at the moment and I wasn’t sure whether I wanted another one anyway I decided to buy an original Apple keyboard. I use the same keyboard at work and get along with it quite well. Fortunately you can just order keyboard in US layout (and not only in International English) in Apple’s UK online store these days.

I was quite pleased when the Apple Store promised to deliver the keyboard within two days using the standard delivery method. I was even more pleased when the keyboard really turned up today. I really wish that Amazon UK’s delivery service was anyway near as quick as that.

Anyway, I’m happily typing along on the keyboard and now all is good.

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