Movie of the Week: X-Men: First Class

An X-Men movie without Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman? Can that work? The makers of X-Men: First Class took a big risk with the latest instalment of the X-Men movie series.

X-Men: First Class tells the story of the founding of the X-Men and their school for mutants. At the beginning Charles Xavier is only a talented university student with telepathic abilities and an interest in genetics. He leads a relatively normal life until a CIA agent asks him for help to examine hostile mutant activity. During their first mission Xavier and his protégé Raven, later known as Mystique, encounter Erik Lehnsherr who will one day become the infamous mutant leader Magneto. Together they set out to find other mutants and bring them together for education and training. But the conflict with a violent group of misanthropical mutants and the human fear of mutants threatens Xavier’s idea of a peaceful coexistence.

The new X-Men movie takes much more time to portray the human aspects of the mutants. They are frequently scared of their own powers and fear and loathe rejection by normal people. Thanks to an ensemble of excellent actors this aspect of the film is neither boring nor corny. Of course there is also a lot of action and special effects, just as you would expect from an X-Men movie.

All in all X-Men: First Class is a very entertaining a movie and a must for all X-Men fans.

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