Movie of the Week: Thor

Another Marvel super hero makes this debut on the big screen. This time it is Thor, the northern god of thunder.

The movie of the same name finally unravels the mystery of the crater shown at the end of Iron Man 2. It was created by the impact of Mjölnir, Thor’s magical hammer. After Odin the king of Asgard banished Thor to earth for this arrogance and recklessness he sent the hammer to earth as well. But Thor can only reclaim his powerful weapon if he finally proves worthy of it. During Thor’s exile his brother Loki tries to seize power in Asgard at all costs.

Thor is a very entertaining action movie. Good actors and lots of special effects guarantee a lot of fun. The 3D effects are nicely done and avoid poking at your eyes. In between all the action there is even room for a bit of comedy and human relations.

We are looking forward to The Avengers to see what havoc Iron Man and Thor can wreak together. 🙂

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