Give me a ping, Vasili. One ping only, please.

A few month ago I discovered that Cisco broke IPv6 support in the IOS (Cisco’s operating system) that is running on my Cisco 877W router. This was quite annoying as IPv6 support was the only reason that I bought such an expensive router in the first place.

As my support contract doesn’t allow me to submit bug reports I had to open a service request. It took Cisco’s support organisation four weeks to reproduce the problem and another two month to submit a bug report. I wasn’t too impressed by these delays especially as I didn’t get any status updates for extended periods of time. When the bug had finally been reported to their engineering department I got an experimental firmware build with working IPv6 support within two weeks.

Considering that Cisco is a huge company I should probably be happy that they fixed the problem within three month. But I guess I’m still annoyed that they didn’t find such a fundamental problem before they released the software. A ping, one ping only, would have been enough.

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