Thank you DHL

In the past I was quite pleased with the delivery services offered by DHL. Packages usually arrived quickly and if I wasn’t home when DHL attempted to deliver a package I could use e-mail to arrange for a delivery to another address on the following day.

However things have changed. DHL tried to deliver a package this week when Silke and I were both at work. Dealing with them afterwards turned out to be really frustrating:

  1. There was no useful information on the card: no tracking number, no sender address, not even the recipient.
  2. Instead of an e-mail address the card only listed a phone number. When I tried to call the phone number an automatic operator connected me to the local service centre which was already closed.
  3. When I called again on the next morning they still couldn’t tell me the recipient. As the package originated from another country they weren’t able to access the details.
  4. They could not arrange for a delivery attempt on the same day which meant I had to wait at least another day.
  5. When they insisted that I need to authorise the delivery to my work address via Fax I finally gave up. I decided to collect the package at the DHL service centre instead.
  6. DHL do of course not have a service centre in Cambridge. I will therefore have to drive to Bar Hill.
  7. When Silke and I finally arrived in Bar Hill we found out that the driving directions on the card had led us to the wrong DHL building.

It goes without saying that I’m really happy about all the improvements that DHL made to their customer service.

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  1. D says:

    Had just guitar delivered 🙁

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