20 Year High School Reunion

Two weeks ago my friend Mario and I visited Lippstadt, the town of our school days. The occassion was the 20 year high school reunion of the Ostendorf Gymnasium.

I felt a mixture of anticipation and apprehension when we arrived at the Goldener Hahn. But after sighting the first familiar faces I began to relax. The first pleasant realisation was that I’m not the only who got older. I actually still have more hair and less grey hair than some of my former schoolmates. And while a lot of them have gained weight I lost one or two kilos in the last 20 years. 🙂

Mario and I spent the rest of the evening talking to as many schoolmates as we could. Unfortunately not all the people I would have liked to meet attended the party. But most of the people I didn’t really need to see again weren’t there either. The hardest part was to remember everybody’s name.

During the evening I realized that I knew next to nothing about the girls on my high school. Well, considering that I was a fairly overweight geek with a lot of spots back then I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Alltogether it was a really nice event. I hope there will be another reunion in a few years.

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