NIS under Mac OS X Leopard

After my LDAP server stopped working I had to re-configure my Mac to use NIS which caused me a lot of problems under Mac OS X in the past. But it seems that Apple actually fixed NIS support in Mac OS X Leopard. During the two days I used NIS as the directory service on my Mac I didn’t experience any login failures or NFS problems. AutoFS, the new automounter, even picked up the hierarchical Solaris-style automounter maps that my NIS server provides.

Since yesterday evening my Mac is using LDAP again after I managed to fix the LDAP server. But it is good to know that I can use NIS as backup solution.

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2 Responses to NIS under Mac OS X Leopard

  1. Vince says:

    It would be interesting to see what you had to do to enable NIS.

    Was it as involved as in your previous post (
    If it was different in leopard, could you post the details?

  2. All I had to do was to start the “Directory Utility” program in the “Utilities” folder and configure NIS. It worked out of the box afterwards.

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