Movie of the Week: Iron Man

I like movies based on comic books. Unfortunately a lot of them are mediocre and some are really bad.

Based on the trailer I decided to watch Iron Man although I never had read one of the comic books. And it was really worth the visit because it is an excellent movie. It is full of action and humour and (remarkably in a superhero movie) very interesting characters. Especially Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark is brilliant. His portrayal creates a character which is unlike any superhero you have seen before. And he avoids the usual pathos with ease.

If you like good entertainment this is your movie.

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3 Responses to Movie of the Week: Iron Man

  1. iain says:

    Iron Man was excellent. At the end I was upset because I just didn’t want it to finish. “But it’s only just started!” I cried. Any film you’re sad to see end has got to be fun.

    Stark had a really cool window manager.

    Don’t forget to hang around for the after-credits sequence.

  2. I missed the after-credit sequence unfortunately because I had to attend nature’s call. 🙁

  3. iain says:

    You’ll have to go back and see it again.

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