One less bad habit

I have never smoked, don’t drink coffee and hardly any alcohol. But as most peoble I have my bad habits, and one of them was Diet Coke. Years ago I would only buy two bottles for the weekend. But over time it became worse. I had Diet Coke on a daily basis and that stuff is just not healthy. It was especially bad if I had access to a large supply of Diet Coke e.g. free soft drinks at work or an evening in a pub. I ended up drinking a great deal too much of it. And the following night I had often trouble to go to sleep because there was simply too much caffeine in my blood stream.

After reading in a book how unhealthy Diet Coke and especially the sweetener in it is I decided to stop drinking it. My wife had told me about this years ago but I never really believed her. Anyway, I do believe her now.

This was over two weeks ago and I haven’t had any Diet Coke since. I even resisted the temptation of the free soft drinks at work. My next goal is to stop buying chocolate bars and cookies at work.