NetBSD meeting in Cambridge

Yesterday we managed to have the second NetBSD get-other in Cambridge in a pub called the Carltom Arms. Besides the usual suspects (NetBSD developers and users living in the area) Cherry Mathew showed up. He is currently visiting Cambridge and set the ball rolling by asking for NetBSD people in the area who are up for a beer.

Like the first meeting it was a nice and relaxed evening. We talked a lot about geek stuff like NetBSD (no surprise here), WLANs, ISPs and DSL routers of course. But because Gavan Fantom brought his lovely fiancée we also covered a lot of non-technical topics like the quality of fish and chips in Cambridge or which country has the worst taxi drivers. 🙂

I really enjoyed the meeting and it was good to experience some positve NetBSD spirit after the recent commotion.

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