A(nother) trip to London

One of the many things which my wife and I like about living in Cambridge is to be able to visit London without much effort. I probably wouldn’t want to live in London because of the traffic chaos, the air pollution and the crowding. But I really enjoy an occasional visit for some shopping or sight-seeing.

Yesterday was one of these days when we take a train to the big city. We first visited one of our favourite spots, the Borough Market. As usual we bought some nice lunch and stocked up our supplies of Earl Grey tea and marmalade.

Well fed we continued our trip at the British Museum. It’s a real great place to visit … several times. There’s simply much more too much to see for a single day. And although I really enjoy it I get an information overload after browsing through the exhibition for hours. So my wife and I keep coming back there visiting another section of the museum everytime. Yesterday we browsed through the Assyrian section.

And on the way home after walking over the market and through streets, the museum and tube stations for several hours even the seats in the train felt comfortable.

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