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Things you can do when you have a fews day off

Having a few days off is great. You can relax and have some fun.

So what could we do today? What about getting the Lego model railway out of the box and play with it? Yes, great idea! Let’s put up the tracks first:

The first track layout

That are definitely not enough tracks. Let’s go to the garage and search for the box with the extra tracks that haven’t even been unpacked so far:

More Tracks

That’s more like it. Now let’s improve the layout so the tracks go all the way from the dining room to the living room:

The second track layout

Now let’s make a movie of the train. Chasing the train with the camera is not only difficult the result is also unconvincing. We need a better plan!

What about putting the camera on the train? Yes, that will work. But we need a waggon to hold the camera. Wait, this is Lego. So let’s simply built the waggon:

The Camera Waggon

Not very spectacluar but it does the job. Now we can record our train movie (please click on the picture to watch it):

The Train Move

Things we need for the future:

  1. More tracks.
  2. A better camera
  3. More Internet bandwidth for publishing movies

Anyway, that was definitely fun. 🙂

Movie of the Week: Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane … what a trashy title for a movie. When I first heard about it I was sure that it wasn’t worth watching. But the enthusiasm of a fellow worker and the surprisingly good rating in The Internet Movie Database made me reconsider that decision.

To be honest I actually like well done trashy action movies where people have to fight murderous animals like in Jaws. And I was hoping that Snakes on a Plane would fall into that category. Fortunately I was not disappointed, all the necessary ingredients were there: decent actors including Samuel L. Jackson in top form, good special effects, a high body count and the mandatory scary moments. And as a special bonus the annoying passengers were eaten. 🙂

So in the end it was good entertainment, not a classic but definitely fun to watch.

Movie of the Week: Cars

My wife and I went to the pictures yesterday. We still like doing that a lot despite having a DVD player and a lot of the other stuff making up a home cinema. The atmosphere is just different.

This week we watched Cars. My wife wasn’t so sure about it but I liked the trailers. And we were not disappointed, we both laughed a lot. There were funny characters, lots of good jokes and no Disney songs. And the most beautiful car in the movie was a Porsche and no bulky American design.

So if you want to have good time go to a cinema and watch Cars.