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Movie of the Week: Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane … what a trashy title for a movie. When I first heard about it I was sure that it wasn’t worth watching. But the enthusiasm of a fellow worker and the surprisingly good rating in The Internet Movie Database made me reconsider that decision.

To be honest I actually like well done trashy action movies where people have to fight murderous animals like in Jaws. And I was hoping that Snakes on a Plane would fall into that category. Fortunately I was not disappointed, all the necessary ingredients were there: decent actors including Samuel L. Jackson in top form, good special effects, a high body count and the mandatory scary moments. And as a special bonus the annoying passengers were eaten. 🙂

So in the end it was good entertainment, not a classic but definitely fun to watch.

Movie of the Week: Cars

My wife and I went to the pictures yesterday. We still like doing that a lot despite having a DVD player and a lot of the other stuff making up a home cinema. The atmosphere is just different.

This week we watched Cars. My wife wasn’t so sure about it but I liked the trailers. And we were not disappointed, we both laughed a lot. There were funny characters, lots of good jokes and no Disney songs. And the most beautiful car in the movie was a Porsche and no bulky American design.

So if you want to have good time go to a cinema and watch Cars.