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Movie of the Week: Iron Man 2

Silke and I really enjoyed the first Iron Man movie. It is also one of our favourite Blu-ray Discs not only for its entertainment value but also because of the superb image quality. Unsurprisingly we were both looking forward to the sequel ever since we saw the first trailer.

Last Tuesday we could finally watch Iron Man 2 in a local cinema. Just like the first part it is full of humour, action and amazing special effects. Robert Downey Jr. delivers another brilliant performance as Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man. Tony Stark’s attitude towards his status as a super hero is still refreshingly relaxed and his worst enemy is once again his ego. Even after a healthy dose of self-discovery and the unavoidable fight against a supervillain he remains a big kid which really enjoys flying around in his armoured suit and doesn’t take life very serious. This refreshing attitude is what makes this film really enjoyable.

While Iron Man 2 is not quite as good as the first part it is still very entertaining and definitely worth seeing. According to The Internet Movie Database there will be a third movie as well which I’m looking forward to.

Movie of the Week: Law Abiding Citizen

The justice systems is sometimes hard to comprehend. Criminals walk free, politicians don’t even get charged with anything and people downloading music from the Internet are treated like dangerous criminals.

Law Abiding Citizen tells the story of a man who feels betrayed by the justice system after the murderer of his wife and daughter walks free due to a deal with the district attorney. He takes justice in his own hands and doesn’t only go after the criminals but also after the people who failed to prosecute the culprits.

The movie is a well done thriller. The main character Clyde Shelton is terrifying and likeable at the same time, hero and villain in one person. Gerard Butler‘s performance in this role is excellent. He manages to engage sympathy for a stone-cold killer.

If you like a good thriller with action and an original story you don’t to want miss Law Abiding Citizen.

Movie of the Week: District 9

Last Wednesday Silke and I watched District 9. I wasn’t completely sure what to expect but it turned out to be a very well made science fiction movie.

District 9 has the usual ingredients: ugly aliens, ray-guns and space ships. But that is where the similarities with a lot of science fiction movies end. A large part of the movie has been shot to look like a documentary which makes the story appear very real. This is emphasized by the all too believable behaviour of the human characters. As the story develops you realise that real monsters often don’t look like monsters from the outside.

District 9 is well worth seeing and uses science fiction to reflect on human behaviour and its consequences.