A trip to York

Last weekend Silke and I visited York in the North of England (this may be debatable, but coming from Cambridge it is the North). York is a beautiful city with a lot of medieval buildings including remainders of the fortification around its centre. The city was founded by the Romans almost 2000 years ago.

A bridge in York

On Saturday we visited the York Minster, the impressive church on the northern fringe of the city centre. There was no way to get a complete photo so a partial will have to do.

York Minster

The next morning we toured the National Railway Museum. There are a lot of famous trains on display in the museum including Queen Victoria’s carriage and the Mallard, the allegedly fastest steam locomotive of the world.

Hungry and a bit tired from exploring the museum for hours we had a really nice lunch break in Bettys Caf̩ Tea Rooms. After another walk through the city centre we set out to drive home Рand just in time as it started raining.

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2 Responses to A trip to York

  1. ill says:

    Been there in 1987, Minster and Museum.

    I wonder whether the tennis-court-sized, tiled window in the Minster is alive again? It burned in 1988, I believe.

    I had another visit in York: Rountry Macintosh! Due to a friends father’s connection, we made it into the famous quality-street production. Lovely and … sweet 🙂

  2. Yes, the Rose window has been repaired.

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