WordPress 2.0.11 vs. MySQL 5.0.51

Over the last few days the posts in this Blog were displayed in the wrong order. As a result an article from 2006 appeared on the front page. This was apparently caused by a incompatibility between version 2.0.11 of the blogging software WordPress and version 5.0.51 of the MySQL database which I installed recently.

Because I couldn’t find the incorrect SQL statement which caused the problem I decided to upgrade WordPress. And the good news is that that version 2.3.1 fixed the problem.

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2 Responses to WordPress 2.0.11 vs. MySQL 5.0.51

  1. iain says:

    WordPress 2.0? Hot damn! You’ve probably got a load of spam articles posted somewhere. Old WordPress versions seems quite exploitable.

  2. No, I don’t have a lot of spam in the Blog because every article needs to be approved manually. And I delete half a dozen of spam comments per day on average.

    And the WordPress team still publish security updates for 2.0.x anyway.

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