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Movie of the Week: Iron Man

I like movies based on comic books. Unfortunately a lot of them are mediocre and some are really bad.

Based on the trailer I decided to watch Iron Man although I never had read one of the comic books. And it was really worth the visit because it is an excellent movie. It is full of action and humour and (remarkably in a superhero movie) very interesting characters. Especially Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark is brilliant. His portrayal creates a character which is unlike any superhero you have seen before. And he avoids the usual pathos with ease.

If you like good entertainment this is your movie.

Things you can do when your nephew is visiting

The time had finally come to produce the sequel to my (in)famous Lego Train movie. But because I wanted to surpass the first part of the trilogy I needed the right equipment and crew:

  1. More tracks
  2. An exotic filming location
  3. A better camera (unfortunately still no video camera, blame Sony for that)
  4. And last but not least a talented young director:
    Robin Taylor

Now we are ready for action (please click on the picture to watch the movie):

The Second Train Movie

Game of the Month: Super Mario Galaxy

Almost a year after Nintend launched their new console they have finally released the first Super Mario adventure for the Wii: Super Mario Galaxy. Silke and I have been waiting of this game for a long time. Silke ordered it in advance months ago and we were very happy when it was finally shipped on the 15th. Royal Mail were in top form again. It only took them eleven days to deliver it.

And the game was definitely worth the wait: lovely comic graphics with sometimes dizzying 3D effects, nice gameplay and just the right level of difficulty guarantee a lot of fun. Silke and I already spent several hours exploring the galaxy and fighting with cute monsters in turn. And I’m quite sure that we will spend many more enjoyable hours doing that. 🙂